South Bay Casino Rentals

Fundraiser Opportunities


   Set Your Date Early
          We Suggest you confirm your date at least 3-5 months in advance, to have enough time for
            planning, gift solicitation, and ticket sales.

   Appoint Committees
          Ticket Sales Promotion
          Auction - Getting the items & Auctioneer

   Establish Your Goals, Schedule, And Budget
          Set Goals and monitor progress of ticket sales, table sponsorship, and auction/prizes items.
          Create a budget in order to define your expected costs.

Committee's Duties & Responsibilities

          Design, Layout and Print Promotional Literature.
          Design and print tickets.
          Determine all avenues for selling tickets.
          Set a goal number of tickets to be sold.

          For table sponsorship, first look to your own Board of Directors. Your directors (or the
            companies they represent) should find table sponsorship.
          Search your list of all known corporate executives willing to participate in your Table
          Make sure the donors receive the recognition they deserve by placing a marker with their
            name on the table they donated.

   Auction / Door Prizes
          We suggest you obtain as many prizes as possible. Everyone will not be a winner, but
            the more prizes assures more winners and an extremely successful event.
          Solicit gifts, merchandise or services from restaurants, resorts, retail stores, sporting
            events venues and etc…
          Assure you have a Grand Prize
          Determine if you will have a silent auction or a moderated auction with an auctioneer
            (in this case you will need to acquire an auctioneer) SB Casino rentals can help you in
            this endeavor.

Legal Requirements - Very Important

   If you are planning a Fundraiser, you must get a license with the State of California DOJ
     Bureau Of Gambling Control.

   All necessary forms for the above may be found at the website of the Office of The Attorney
     General - State of California - Department of Justice by CLICKING HERE.