Set Your Date Early

We Suggest you confirm your date at least 3-5 months in advance, to have enough time for planning, gift solicitation, and ticket sales.

Establish Your Goals, Schedule, And Budget

  • Set Goals and monitor progress of ticket sales, table sponsorship, and auction/prizes items.

  • Create a budget in order to define your expected costs.

Appoint Committees

  • Ticket Sales Promotion

  • Sponsorships

  • Auction - Getting the items & Auctioneer


Committee's Duties & Responsibilities


  • Design, Layout and Print Promotional Literature.

  • Design and print tickets.

  • Determine all avenues for selling tickets.

  • Set a goal number of tickets to be sold.

Auction / Door Prizes

  • We suggest you obtain as many prizes as possible. Everyone will not be a winner, but the more prizes assures more winners and an extremely successful event.

  • Solicit gifts, merchandise or services from restaurants, resorts, retail stores, sporting events venues and etc…

  • Assure you have a Grand Prize

  • Determine if you will have a silent auction or a moderated auction with an auctioneer (in this case you will need to acquire an auctioneer) SB Casino rentals can help you in this endeavor.


  • For table sponsorship, first look to your own Board of Directors. Your directors (or the companies they represent) should find table sponsorship.

  • Search your list of all known corporate executives willing to participate in your Table  Sponsorship 

  • Make sure the donors receive the recognition they deserve by placing a marker with their name on the table they donated.

Legal Requirements - Very Important

If you are planning a Fundraiser, you must get a license with the State of California DOJ Bureau Of Gambling Control.

All necessary forms for the above may be found at the website of the Office of The Attorney General - State of California - Department of Justice by clicking HERE.